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This wire is moulded based on a silicone wire.
It is a flexible and elastic elastimer with double cogs in both plans.
To help against the skin and subcutaneous tissues aging.
- sustain of the tissues by its elastic properties.
- Durable respostioning of the tissues by reduction of the stress at the anchorages.
The procedure : The wire is inserted with a controlled pre-tension, to avoid anaesthetic excess of tension or eventual lesser corrections.
The effect : This wire allows to realise tissue concentrations of soften tissues.
The Results : Risk reduction of the wire's anchorage loss compared to the natural tissue's
The security : Its resistance and eventual ablation are greatly facilltated by a central reinforcement thread.         



Aqu Lift (PLLA)

Sterile PLLA (Poly-L-Latic-Acid) suture with neede.

PLLA is 5th generation of polymer suture extracted from plants. PLLA used for many years in soluble suture material and other devices, also had US FDA and Korea FDA approved.

PLLA effective for te volumization of the face and correction of unaesthetic scars. PLLA is totally metabolized in the body within 18 months.


Aqu Lift (PDO)

Aqu Lift (PDO)

Sterile Polydioxanone Suture with Needle

Aqu Lift (PDO) is intended for inserting the polydioxanone suture into the skin by needle. PDO is medical thread thinner than hair, and it is made of protein. Also it is totally biodegradable and biocompatible.


Tightening Thread

With a special needle attached thread, inserted into the skin and stimulates this skin, was more absorption.
This treatment is expected to improve the quality of skin by the threads.
using this Face Lift (absorption thread)
The process of this absorption is absorbable thread, will be absorbed by 6-8months.
Skin rejuvenating effects of Fine threads appears due to the promotion of local microcirculation, activation of reparative processes and stimulation of Collagen production.
Besides, the effect of lifting is Super fast and the down time is less.





Treatment comparison table


Fine Lift Ultra V Lift

SpringThread EZ Lift (Miracle Lift) White Lift Silhouette Lift Mircale Lift
Time 10 ~ 20mins 10 ~ 20mins 40 ~ 50mins 30 ~ 40mins 40 ~ 50mins
Daily Life Make up immediately - After 24hr can wash face Next day can wash face    Next day can wash face
Feature The treatment of sagging skin can be treat Particularly interesting for the treatment of neck Treatment of Wrinkle             Treatment of persistent slack        The effect of long duration           
Duration 1/2 to 1 years 1 to 1.5years 1 to 1.5years       1 to 1.5years 2 to 3 years
Downtime Almost none - May feel pain for 3 days Swelling for 2-3days Risk of internal bleeding



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