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DERMAQUEEN is more than just an injector. It combines three devices in one: An injector, a vacuum, and a multi-needle. All th at and more makes it the best system you'll ever use.                           

Injector: Helps the adjustment of exact injection amounts and needle depth through simple touch program seting.  Vacuum: Holds the skin for easier injection, assists safe injections for danger zones such as around the neck and the eyes and it alleviates  pain.  Multi-needle: Helps equal injection and save treatment time.
 312 ( Hair Loss Treatment ) 312 is an exclusive 5 session individual protocol for hair loss treatment. the main substances included in the treatment help to strengthen microcirculation to the hair follicle for stranger, thicker hair. This beauty concern has numerous causes so treatment is performed cyclically, treating the aesthetic disorder integrally. The substances applied during the protocol are: X-DNA Gel, Biotin, Oligoelements, Dexpantenol 20%, Centella asiatica.



Lipotrofin (2ml×20Vials)

The products have been designed to be used with beauty therapy system: Ultrasound, Transdermal Electroporation, lontophoresis, pressotherapy, vacuotherapy. Its use is advised for treating cellulite in any of its manifestations: soft, hard or oedematous applied topically and especially with application systen. Lipotrofin has an anti-cellulite action eliminating toxins and water retention.




HELIOCARE Ultra D (Oral Capsules)

Heliocare Ultra oral capsule supplements with a supplement of Vitamin D. Ideal for those protecting their skin from UV damage but with concerns about Vitamin D levels. Heliocare's patented active Fernblock has been proven to help protect skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation, including:

- Sun Brun

- Sensitization

- Photodamage and aging

- Redness

HELIOCARE Ultra 90 Gel

Heliocare Gel Ultra SPF 90 has a combination of physical and chemical filters, and the exclusive photoprotective technologies. Furthermore, it contains phytosphingosine that has strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for post-procedural and UV sensitive skin.




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