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It is possible to approximately 30% or more fats of each meal. The food can not be digested will be pass through the internal organ and be exhausted outside the body.



BBX ( Brain Boosting complex) can control weight. in natural, our brain send the control signal to adrenal gland (hypothalamus-(corticotrophin relasing factor)- Pituitary gl. -(ACTH)-Adrenal gl.) for secreting cortisol, the very importance substance to our body in response to stress conditions. When the level of cortisol enough as set point, there are feedback signal to bran for decrease stimulating signal to adrenal gland. By these mechanisms, our body will have balance cortisol level, maximum quantity in the morning, and decrease to just 10% left in the evening. But today lifestyle not let be that, the urban lifestyle give more stress. so instead they hope to be decreasing level of cortisol in evening, it be increasing, may be higher than in the morning.

"BBX" work by balancing control the cortisol effect. "BBX" is the proprietary blend of scientifically tested natural ingredients that give these effects: natural calming to be stress reducing effect, ATP + Oxygen booster, protect brain cell from being damaged by the free radical, keep balancing of ATP level in total body cell, cut off about 50% of calories intake, body firming, and Toxin clear out.




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