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RETIN-A Cream 0.1%   (Acne Vulgaris, Tretinoin 0.1%)




■ Product profile
Advanced Adipose-derived stem cell Protein Extract is a mixture of proteins extracted from conditioned media of ADSCs.

■ Main components of AAPE
PDGF(Platelet derived growth factor)
Basic FGF(Fibroblast growth factor)
KGF(Keratinocyte growth factor)
TGF-ß1(Transforming growth factor)
HGF(Hepatocyte growth factor)
VEGF(Vascular endothelial growth factor)
Collagen / Fibronectin
SOD(Superoxide dismutase)






■ Active Ingredient: Polydeoxyribonucleotide 5.625mg

■ PLACENTEX INTEGRO Indications: Connective tissue diseases on dystrophic or dystrophic-base ulcerative; healing; antidirtrofico.






■ Active Ingredient: Polynucleotide intradermal gel 20mg/ 2ml

■ PLINEST is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, viscoelastic polynucleotides gel for single use, for intradermal infiltration. Polynucleotides are substances of natural origin that are ubiquitous inside our bodies. They are highly purified and re-absorbable. In addition to their moisturizing properties, they have a trophic effect on fibroblasts. This makes them useful for making the skin more supple and increasing its tonicity.




PERSPIREX Comfort Roll-On


■ Perspirex Comfort is free from perfume.

■ PERSPIREX Comfort is anew variant in our antiperspirant range. Perspirex Comfort is formulated to provide effective sweat an odour protection while the comfort skin care system Cpx ensures an extra good skin feel. Perspirex Comfort is the perfect choice for those who suffer from occasional excessive sweating.





Suitable for all skin types.


L-Absorbic Acid Topical Serum(Included 22% Vitamin C)

The high levels of L-ascorbic acid can stimulate collagen growth. Improve skin feature,smooth fine line, and reduce skin discoloration..

Co Q10 Topical Serum

This powerful antioxdant serum is essential for healthy and youthful skin as Co Q10 can provide the source of all cellular energy skin. The benefits also include diminishing wrinkles, improving firmness and reducing signs if aging. This serum has no any preservatives and additives.

Ferulic Acid Topical Serum

Ferulic Acid is by far the best antioxdant as it has a powerful long wave ultra violet absorbing capability, thus blocking out free radicals. It is also effective for erasing fine lines and even crow's feel and tightening loose tissues around the jaw and neck.Ferulic Acid can effectively revitalize skin cells & smooth wrinkles.


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